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R & D control of continentalhydraulics gas spring hy

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R & D control of continentalhydraulics gas spring hydraulic equipment

In China, research on W彩票开户continentalhydraulics gas spring tube hydroforming technology started late, but rapid development, has achieved fruitful results in the forming mechanism, numerical simulation and experimental research, which lays a foundation for the further development of this technology. At present, the research of hydraulic forming equipment in our country involves less. The experimental platform or the equipment formed by the old hydraulic press is mainly adapted to the needs of the experiment, not the industrial production requirements. In view of this situation, in schools, research institutes and three companies to work together, we change the traditional ideas, the unique patented technology completed for industrial production of low cost large tonnage hydroforming device, and forming the instrument beam, sub frame, axle for large and complex structures etc. the.
1 pipe hydroforming principle and equipment technical parameters continentalhydraulics
1.1 pipe hydroforming principle and its advantages
Pipe hydroforming is also called internal high pressure forming. It is an advanced modern plastic processing technology developed on the basis of traditional hydraulic bulging technology. The metal pipe is blank, with special equipment into the liquid medium to the tube inside the sealed (decisive material), the high pressure generated at both ends of the tube are applied to the axial thrust, the Fed, in two under the action of external force, the tube produces plastic deformation, and finally with the mold cavity is attached to the inner wall, shape and precision can meet the technical requirements of the hollow parts.
The technology is applicable to the manufacture of hollow components with round, rectangular or profiled sections, which can be used in aerospace, automotive, medical, sanitary and other industries. Compared with the traditional stamping welding process, hydroforming has the following advantages:
continentalhydraulics The overall design scheme of the complex equipment decoration 1.2 hydroforming equipment consists of worktable, frame type locking mechanism, axial feeding system, feeding system, pressurization system, servo system and computer control system etc.. The die locking mechanism adopts the pre tightening frame structure, uses unique patented technology to strengthen the treatment, so that it has enough strength and rigidity to meet the requirements of 4 * 107n clamping force. At the same time, the utility model can greatly reduce the deadweight of the die support platform and reduce the manufacturing cost.
The basic function of the Bansbach gas spring device of hydraulic control system is to realize complete mold, die, blanking, forming and provide required hydraulic pressure and axial feed variable hydraulic pump release control handle, the swash plate will automatically return to zero flow in, the main executive mechanism can achieve the action cycle as follows:
The clamping cylinder: Fast - slow uplink uplink / clamping pressure - pressure - relief - quick return - stop in situ; axial feed cylinder: Fast - slow right right - stop - stop - fast slow left for left - stop in situ; tube cavity: quick liquid filling - Press - packing - quick pressure release.
The whole hydraulic system (Hydraulic systems) uses two kinds of working medium (the decisive substance), that is, the special hydraulic oil and emulsion. Hydraulic oil is used as the working medium of the system, and emulsion is used as forming medium. Therefore, the implementation of many components, complex movements, strict order. Its main features are as follows:
In the whole cycle, oil demand change of the clamping cylinder and end of the feed cylinder is very large, in order to shorten the molding cycle to enhance productivity, clamping and feeding end of air travel should be completed in a relatively short period of time, the design of continentalhydraulics gas spring hydraulic system (Hydraulic systems) with high pressure and small flow 1 piston pump and the low-pressure high flow vane pump is composed of 2 double pump and equipped with accumulator supply circuit 5. When the clamping cylinder piston and piston end feed fast action, combined with the three oil; when the slow motion or pressure, pump 1 separate oil supply pump 2 to 5 fuel accumulator, accumulator pressure control, hydraulic control valve 4 to 2 pump unloading. The system energy consumption and temperature rise are greatly reduced, and the power utilization is reasonable.
The clamping cylinder for fast and slow closing and opening and locking, valve 11, 12 and 15 and 13 cylinder speed control valve to control the direction and speed of the design, with the help of the travel switch to achieve fast and slow transfer cylinder movement, by configuring the pressurized cylinder to provide enough clamping force for agricultural machinery hydraulic pump form convenient maintenance, using standard tools can be disassembled, so the parts and components are common for ultra high pressure liquid clamping cylinder can smooth unloading, greatly reduce the impact of the throttle valve 9 and 17 in the unloading loop, two times in order to achieve unloading by the program control. The whole action loop is relatively simple and highly automated. W彩票开户continentalhydraulics
To sum up, the hydraulic system (Hydraulic, systems) of Bansbach gas spring forming equipment has the characteristics of simple pipeline, compact structure, reliable operation, reasonable energy utilization and high efficiency. The axial feed is designed and the inner cavity of the tube blank pressure closed-loop control system, the equipment has good dynamic performance, high control precision and response speed, can fully meet the vice frame, rear axle, stringers of large complex structures under different processing conditions of the plastic forming process. The successful development of this equipment is of great significance to promote the production and application of tube hydroforming technology in china.
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